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Introducing the AutoSig®
Smart Filter System

Fuel Filter - Water Separator - Integral Water Probe

Senses water in the fuel separator
before the engine sputters or stops.
Designed to pass UL 1105, ABYC and
US Coast Guard Fuel System standards.
The water probe is INSIDE the filter housing.

NEW! AutoSig®
 SMART Filter System

Fuel Filter
Water Separator
Integral Water Probe
(WIF) Sensors
standard wif
WIF Sensors
high-performance wif
Direct Connect
WIF Sensors
direct connect wifdirect connect wif
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Engineered Smart Sensor & Filter Solutions Built in USA.

Entratech Systems provides engineered smart sensor and controller solutions built in the USA. We provide FAST design, prototyping, manufacturing and assembly of high, medium and low volume sensor assemblies. Entratech specializes in water in fuel (WIF) sensors for diesel, gasoline and aircraft fuels. There are hundreds of thousands of Entratech electronic water-in-fuel sensors and low coolant level sensors in service around the world.

Call us today 419.433.7683

Our depth of experience, innovative thinking, and manufacturing skills has allowed us to design and build dependable sensors for on-highway, off-highway, stationary and marine applications. The majority of our sensor and controller assemblies are custom designed for our customer’s needs. OEM manufacturers have relied on the consistent quality of Entratech sensor technology for over 32 years. We partner with customers’ engineers to help design and build dependable sensor solutions including water-in-fuel sensors and low coolant sensors. Entratech sensors are made and assembled in Sandusky Ohio about 1 hour west of Cleveland Ohio.

Entratech Systems LLC
202 East Fox Rd.
Sandusky, OH 44870
PH: 419-433-7683
FAX: 419-433-8293
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