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Signal Filters SMART Fuel Filter System
Fuel Filter – Water Separator – Integral Water Probe.

Entratech has shortened the name of the “Automatic Signaling Filter System” known as “AutoSig” to simply “Signal Filters”.
We have created a webpage exclusively for the fuel filter line manufactured by Entratech Systems. You can read all about the Signal Filters fuel filter water separators at www.SignalFilters.com. The Signal Filters web page is geared toward OEM, distribution and dealers with it having a dealer log in page and other links. At this time you can still purchase individual AutoSig filter systems from this web site using our Shopify ordering system.

The Signal Filters SMART Fuel Filter System, fuel water separator, with built in water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor,

is available with a 316 stainless steel head/mounting bracket. The Disposable spin on filter can is available in three standard can lengths. Multiple electronic outputs including NMEA 2000 are available.

Signal Filters SMART Fuel Filter Systems

For NMEA 2000 systems
with Gauge Kit
with Indicator Lamp

For full technical data and tests:
Connected equipment.
The Signal Filters SMART Fuel Filter System alerts you of water in your fuel system. Signal Filters is the only “SMART” spin on fuel filter/water separator with an internal water probe. A water in fuel alert can provide early warning of trouble. The Signal Filters system is available with standard mount gauge or dash indicator light. The 10 micron, high efficiency, water separating, spin on filter is available in three standard lengths 4", 6" and 8". NOW AVAILABLE: #SFH-N2K-SS with Imbedded NMEA 2000 interface & connector.
The Signal Filters SMART Fuel Filter System comes with a 316 stainless steel head/mounting bracket with 3/8 NPT ports.
The Signal Filters System is different! The modern design allows for multiple communication configurations. The Signal Filters SMART Fuel Filter System is Designed to pass UL 1105 ABYC and US Coast Guard fuel system requirements.

Why do I need to communicate with my fuel filter?
Consider its location and its function out of site and out of mind may not be a good thing. What if your fuel filter sent you a notification that it needed changing BEFORE it could cause harm to your engine or ruin a day on the water or a days’ vacation?



  • Signal Filters system connects to supplied wire harness pigtails or to the customers own wire harness.


  • Cast 316 stainless steel head/mounting bracket with (4) 3/8 inch NPT ports.

Standard can diameter (3-3/4") available in three lengths:

  • 4"
  • 6"
  • 8"


  • 10 micron custom formulated paper filter media removes 99% of free water.

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Signal Filters
Signal Filters™ is the Filter Division of:
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