Meet Mike Richardson:
Designer, Inventor, Engineer

Entratech Systems was started by Mike Richardson to solve a problem
Mike Richardson
he had with water in his boat fuel. Mike developed a water detection sensor because he did not want to be left stranded in Lake Erie. The rest is history. Mike has invented or improved many sensor assemblies and is always looking for a challenging problem to solve. Like most entrepreneurs Mike can’t sit still. He has patented numerous products. Entratech sensor assemblies are made in the USA in Sandusky Ohio, (Home of Cedar Point Amusement Park).

Entratech runs a turnkey operation in this modern facility - designing, engineering and manufacturing the highest quality, most trusted sensors in the industry. The integrity of our professional staff has proven itself for years, partnering with customers and sharing the latest in product technology.

Trust. Security. Integrity.
Our knowledge and experience, secure environment, and high-quality product standards meet or exceed specifications for use in military equipment. It’s also why leading automotive, marine, and industrial OEM manufacturers around the world choose Entratech Sensors to protect their products.

Entratech Sensors Offer Protection
You Can Depend On
Our high quality standards and attention to detail at all levels of our operation have earned the trust of OEM suppliers worldwide for more than three decades. Whatever your application, we can deliver a sensor or control solution that will give long-lasting protection for your product. All units are designed and assembled to strict standards - whether your application requires a standard sensor or a custom unit with outputs for multiple installations including:
  •  Relays
  •  Transistors “sink or source”
  •  LED displays
  •  Visual and audible signals
  •  Engine computer inputs

Units are tested to be EMC compliant and meet or exceed all other industry standards. We take pride in delivering your order on time and on budget.

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Entratech Systems LLC
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