Fuel Heater Controls

heated fuel filter
Entratech Fuel Heater Controls are trusted by a variety of engine manufacturers worldwide. Our custom-designed Heater Control Relay Kits have earned a reputation of high quality and long service life. They protect engines from a drop in fuel temperature resulting in the formation of paraffin wax in the diesel fuel. This can cause a build-up of paraffin in the fuel filtering element which can stop fuel flow to the engine, creating a serious condition.

Entratech Heater Relay Kits provide increased amperage power to the heater when standard OE fuses, wiring and alternator may be unable to carry the load without overheating or potential shorting. A relay coil is energized either by a manual toggle switch or by means of activation, such as a thermostat. Kit contains everything needed for quick easy assembly saving production time and assembly cost. Available for 12 and 24 volt DC applications.


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