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Our Early Involvement Is Vital.
Getting our sensor experts involved in early stages of your product development will help save your production cost, and assure the integrity of your product. Entratech believes it is vital to have a clear understanding of the operating conditions, working environment, product specifications. and special demands required to deliver the optimum sensor solution to fit your exact product application.

Latest In WIF Sensor Advancements
The world of WIF sensor solutions is changing continuously to meet the needs of manufacturers’ advancing product technology. Your engineers can consult with our sensor specialists to discuss the latest in sensor innovations that will best protect your product and keep it operating at peak performance.

Unique Applications Demand Unique WIF Sensor Solutions.
More than likely, we have the right sensor technology available from our standard sensors, or from our line of patented designs you can share. But, if your product demands a custom sensor solution, our decades of experience and advanced knowledge in sensor technology will allow us to design a custom solution that will achieve your desired results.

Our Turnkey Operation Will Save Time And Money.
We have our own manufacturing facility that can deliver the most robust sensors at a competitive price. Every sensor solution and assembly is custom sized to fit engineered specifications to assure it will operate for years in the harshest of working environments. Our entire staff prides itself in delivering the highest quality product and service to assure the integrity of your product.

Delivered On Time And On Budget.
Your finished sensors will always be the latest technology available in the industry, delivered at a competitive price. You will have your sensors at the agreed upon time to meet your production schedule.

NOTE TO OEM: We can ship direct to your filter supplier for assembly.

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Stainless Steel WIF Basic Probe
Rugged water-in-fuel sensor designed to detect the change in electrical resistance (ohms) of the fluid. For use in marine machinery spaces that must conform to International Marine Organization (IMO) standards. Can be used in any vehicle or industrial machine application.
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Product Features:

  • ABS marine standards
  • Meets requirements of ISO19921
  • Designed to UL Separator standards
  • Stainless steel and ceramic construction
  • SAEJ1926 straight thread with O-ring sealing design
  • Packard GT-Series 2-terminal connector
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